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What can Power Flush do for you?

  • Give you a more efficient heating system
  • Save you up to 25% on heating bills
  • Better circulation and faster home heating

Commercial & Residential power flushing in Croydon


Power Flushing Croydon

Are you looking for fast and effective power flushing Croydon? If the answer is yes then we are just a short phone call away! Here at Power Flush Wizard we are highly skilled when it comes to all types of gas related services, we have many years of experience in power flushing and can provide you with a second to none service.

Our team is fully qualified and accredited to be able to offer both domestic & commercial gas services. As a company we specialise in power flushing and can help you to get your central heating system functioning to is optimum potential.

What is power flushing? 

Power flushing is a term used for cleaning the build ups of sludge and other deposits that build up in your pipes. Usually if your system is in need of a power flush Croydon then you will probably notice some of the following signs below:

  • Boiler making irregular noises or knocking
  • Radiators feel half cold
  • Noise from the pipe work
  • Rusty radiators
  • Small leaks starting to come from the radiators
  • Dark sludgy water coming from the radiators
  • Pump failure or noise
  • Long time for the heating system to warm up
  • Boiler keeps locking down & needs to be reset
  • Radiators frequently need venting & bleeding
  • Blocked, inoperative or leaking radiator valves

Power Flush Croydon

If you are experiencing any of the issues above then please feel free to contact a member of our team today! We can provide you with our expert advice regarding our power flushing Croydon.

Call now & save up to 25% on your has bills, contact us online or call us on 0800 849 1308