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What can Power Flush do for you?

  • Give you a more efficient heating system
  • Save you up to 25% on heating bills
  • Better circulation and faster home heating

Commercial & Residential power flushing in Orpington


Power Flushing Orpington 

Power Flush Wizard are your trusted power flush experts based in Orpington, Greater London. We are fully qualified, trained and accredited to provide our customers with a fast and hassle-free power flushing service that is available at an affordable price. 

Our power flushing Orpington is an effective method that we use to restore your heating system back to its optimum functionality. In most cases older systems are more likely to need a power flush carried out, it is also a advisable that if you are changing your radiators that you have your system power flushed to make sure that your system is working correctly.

 Why should I have a power flush carried out?

  • Stop boiler cut outs and reduce boiler noise.
  • Have even heating radiators without cold spots.
  • Save up to 25% on your fuel bills.
  • Faster system heat up and better efficiency.
  • Protect your system from future deposit build up

Power Flush Orpington

When we are carrying out our power flushing service we use the latest equipment to ensure your system receives a thorough clean. Once our power flush has been completed all build ups and blockages will be removed and this will lead to your system being far more efficient and this can help you to reduce your energy bills.

Book your power flush Orpington today! 

If you are having problems with your heating then contact Power Flush Wizard today! No matter the scale of the job or the current condition of your heating system, we are just a short phone call away!  Call now & save up to 25% on your fuel bills, contact us online or call us on 0800 849 1308