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What can Power Flush do for you?

  • Give you a more efficient heating system
  • Save you up to 25% on heating bills
  • Better circulation and faster home heating

Power Flush Wizard's FAQ

Below are a selection of commonly asked questions about power flushing. If you cannot find your answer here please contact one of our helpful team members today.

-  Are you covered by public liability insurance?
Our power flush engineers all carry full public liability insurance with Direct Line for up to £5,000,000.
-  Are your Power Flush engineers fully trained and qualified?
Yes, All engineers who carry our Power Flushing for us are professionally trained in Power Flushing.
-  Do I get a warranty?
Yes! Your power flush will be covered by a 3 year warranty as standard! ( to keep the warranty the boiler must be service by a gas safe engineer and inhibitors added to the heating system each year . Invoices will need to be provided as proof of work being carried out )   If a magna clean filter is fitted by Power Flush Wizard we will offer you a 5 year warranty!
-  Do you remove all the radiators during the Power Flush process?
No. There is no need for us to disconnect any radiator during the Power Flush.
-  Do Your Engineers Need to be Gas Safe Registered?
No. It is a common public misconception that all plumbers need to be gas registered. Power Flushing deals with the water aspect of the central heating rather than the gas, and we usually do not need to work on the boiler to carry out the flush. If we need to remove the boiler for any reason, we will always call in one of our Gas Registered engineers. If you require a Gas safe registered enginner, you must specifiy at the time of booking, as our Gas Safe engineers are always in high demand.
-  Does Power Flushing take long to complete?
The time to professionally carry out a Power Flush depends on the size of the heating system and how bad the problem is. After a site survey we can generally estimate with some degree of accuracy how long the process will take. In MOST domestic cases, this will usually take a single day.
-  How much does a Power Flush cost?
This will depend on the number of radiators in the heating systems and a range of other factors. When you call  us, or submit an online form, give as much detail as you can so we can give you an accurate quote.
-  I have just had a new boiler installed. Do I need a Power Flush?
Yes. For the boiler manufacturer to guarantee a new boiler, they need to know that it is being installed into a clean system. We can provide a certificate for this purpose after Power Flushing. Also, power flushing will remove any debris and dirt from the installation process, and fill the system with anti-corrosion protection.
-  Is there a danger of leaks in the central heating system after Power Flushing?
Power Flushing will not cause any leaks. Any leaks will be down to pre-existing damage.
-  Is there any certification to guarantee the quality of the Power Flush?
We issue a BS7593 compliancy certificate upon completion of the Power Flush.
-  Is there any mess created during the Power Flush process?
There will always be a small amount of mess created but we will always clear up after the power flush has been carried out. We always try to leave a property as we find it.
-  What benefits can I expect from having my heating system Power Flushed?
Power Flushing your central heating system will have immediate results, including faster heat up times, quieter system, no boiler cut outs, evenly heating radiators, reduced heating bills as your system will be running efficiently, anti-corrosion protection and a 3 Year Guarantee (5 year with the installation of a MagnaClean Filter)