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What can Power Flush do for you?

  • Give you a more efficient heating system
  • Save you up to 25% on heating bills
  • Better circulation and faster home heating

What Happens During a Power Flush?

Over a heating systems lifetime black iron oxide sludge and lime scale build up throughout the system,  coating the insides of pipes and radiators and reducing the flow of hot water around your heating system. This reduced flow increases the workload on your boiler, which in turn increases your fuel bills. Power flushing is the process of removing this built up iron oxide and lime scale deposits from a central heating system, using a pressurised mix of water and chemicals. By removing these built up deposits with a power flush your heating system is restored to its optimum efficiency as hot water can circulate freely throughout your central heating system, reducing the workload on your boiler.

The Power Flushing Process Explained

The process of power flushing is quick and simple, it can usually be carried out in as little as a day on most residential properties. However, larger systems and commercial premises may take longer to power flush.

Upon arrival our power flush engineer will survey your central heating system and select the best place to connect the power flush equipment. After connecting the Kamco power flush machine to your system, a solution of water, chemicals and rust inhibitors are introduced to the system. This solution loosens the black iron oxide sludge and lime scale and pushes it through the system, as the solution passes through the system a special MagnaClean magnetic filter captures the iron oxide and lime scale, removing it from the system and allowing only liquid to pass back into the central heating system. Once all iron oxide sludge and lime scale has been removed from the system the power flush is complete, allowing water to once again freely circulate around the central heating system. The chemicals and inhibitors are left in the heating system to help protect your system from future build ups, a MagnaClean filter and lime scale inhibitor can also be installed after the power flush to help provide even better protection from further build up.